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At Martinelli Law Group, our Santa Clarita divorce lawyers have represented numerous individuals in the past and have achieved favorable outcomes for many of our clients. We have extensive experience in family law as well as divorce, if you are facing a legal issue then you may greatly benefit from the assistance and representation of a Santa Clarita divorce attorney from our firm. We will be able to assist you and represent you in any of the following situations:

Child Custody
Among the more difficult issues that arise in divorce is that of child custody. As a biological parent you may greatly desire sole custody of your child for many reasons, or you may be content with partial custody. But what options do you have if you are denied custody entirely?

Child Support
If you are denied child custody or if you are granted partial custody then you may face child support payments. While you may greatly desire to help your child financially, it is possible that you are being forced to pay an exorbitant amount in support payments.

Contested Divorce
If you are seeking a divorce but your current spouse is not, then this could be called a contested divorce. There are all kinds of issues and disagreements that can arise in a case like this, and the whole process can be much more difficult.

Division of Debt
When a dissolution occurs, one of the difficult topics is division of property which includes division of debt. It is vitally important to your financial future that you do not incur an unjust load of the debt incurred during the course of your marriage.

Family Law
Family law refers to issues such as visitation, and modifications to custody and payments among many other issues. If you are seeking to discuss your rights or if you wish to file for a modification of some sort then you will need a family law attorney.

Grandparents' Rights
When serious issues arise in a marriage such as a loss of custody for both biological parents then the grandparents of the child may have rights to custody. Grandparent's rights include the right to custody in some specific situations in addition to other rights.

Legal Separation
A legal separation is a sort of alternative to divorce, it allows the couple to split up while remaining legally married. This is for those who believe that they can resolve their differences after some time apart.

Modification of Child Custody
If you have been denied custody, then you have the option of filing for a modification of child custody. With the proper legal help and evidence, you may be able to obtain partial custody of your child.

Modification of Spousal Support
In a divorce case, one of the many issues that must be discussed is that of child support and sometimes spousal support. This is a common area where one spouse is forced to pay excessive sums to their ex-spouse for support. If this is your case then you have options.

Other Areas
There are several other areas that our firm will be able to help you in such as wills and trusts. If you are seeking to get your affairs in order and to have your assets held for distribution then you will benefit from this firm.

Premarital Agreements
If you are seeking to be married but you have extensive assets then you may want to discuss a prenuptial agreement with an attorney. This agreement has the potential to protect your assets in the case of divorce.

Property Division
If you are facing a divorce then you will face the issue of dividing your property between yourself and your spouse. The division includes all assets including property, bank accounts and other assets. This also includes debt.

Relocation of Children
If you were involved in a violent marriage then you may want to consider relocation of yourself and your children after a divorce. However there are legal issues that could hinder you from accomplishing this.

Spousal Support
After a divorce you may be left with little assets and few options for provision for yourself and any children you have custody of, spousal support is an option that may help you financially. These are payments made to you from your ex-spouse for the purpose of offsetting the cost of living.

Uncontested Divorce
When a divorce case is mutual and there are few reservations as to the dissolution, this could be an uncontested divorce. When both parties wish to separate, there could be some highly contested assets as well as other issues that may arise.

A biological parent who is not granted custody of their children may have rights to visitation in order to have a relationship with their child. If this is your case then you may benefit from legal representation in order to help enforce your rights.

Filing for Divorce in California

Each state can have their own variance on how they choose to run the divorce process. It is important to find out how the court your case will be handled in operates. A divorce can be initiated by either party, or they may be able to come to a joint decision. The correct forms will first need to be obtained and filled out, then filed with the correct branch of the court. For those that are residents of Santa Clarita, the papers can be filed with one of the local courts, including those in the Los Angeles area.

A petitioner is the individual that is actually filing for the divorce. There will be initial fees for the filing and in the Santa Clarita Supreme Court, the petition or other first paper for the purpose of dissolving a marriage or seeking a separation will cost $435. Following this, there will be various fees continuing throughout the process. Since it is a timely and costly situation, being as efficient as possible is important and an attorney may be able to help you do just that.

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