Martinelli Law Group Sponsors School Event


Our office is always looking to provide the highest level of assistance we can for the individuals and families that we serve. Divorce is a complex issue and the emotional nature of these cases only adds to the complication. We look to give our clients relief in these cases, and find the end results that they are hoping for. We offer personalized and attentive representation to everyone we serve. Not only do we care about our clients, we care about our community as well. As active members ourselves we are continually looking for what we can do to help others around us.

One of our recent involvements includes our sponsorship of a Dance A Thon being put on by the Albert Einstein Academy of Letters, Arts and Sciences. The school is holding a dance that will involve the students ranging from grades seven to eleven. They will be finding support from sponsors and will then dance for more than six hours. Around 300 families are estimated to be present for the event which will take place on November 3rd, 2012. The proceeds will go into the school to support the children responsible for putting on the event in the first place. Our firm is grateful to have the chance to be one of the sponsors of this upcoming dance that will benefit the education and future of the children at the school.

If you are going through a divorce you want to have the assistance of a firm that is caring, as well as committed and qualified. We can offer all of these areas and bring the same level of devotion to each client we encounter. To begin, allow us to review your case free of charge. To schedule an initial consultation, contact our office immediately.